My iPod sucks… my radio sucks more.

I used to love my iPod.  When I got all the essential tracks and artists on it all at once I felt vindicated!  “Finally a music world that is all my own and of only my liking.”  There, I’ll listen to it all the time and I won’t need anything else.  That was 5 years and three iPods ago.  Nothing wrong with the old iPods… I just kept upgrading.  Anyway…

I spent hours downloading tracks from my numerous CDs ( I have about 1000 left since I purged the rest) and iTunes songs I’ve paid for and maintain on iTunes.

Now the problem… and I bet this has happened to you to.  I am bored out of my mind with the stuff I have on my iTunes and iPod. BORED… Freaking bored!  I haven’t listened to my iPod in 4 months… I’m bored!

So when I’m in my car listening to the radio and it’s all the crap I’ve overplayed on my iPod and what’s worst all the other songs I wouldn’t be caught dead having on my iPod!

When I get home I hit the net.  30 minutes on Pandora is fine for background listening but for conscious consumption Pandora’s music genome seems like it came from the mind of a retard.

Don’t even get me started about facebook and myspace!  The amount of music on there is so vast that it’s unmanageable!  Any moron with a keyboard or Garageband on their Mac does not make for music I want to listen to 99% of the time and bumping into that 1% can take hours.  Hours I don’t have.

Attention radio:

Play me something new that you like.  Not a freakin’ research study spreadsheet.  Give me something that gives you, yes you MR. DJ or in reality MR. programmer.  I’m ready to listen… just as long as the next song isn’t Jeremy by Pearl Jam.


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  • 1. Tammy  |  June 13, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    For internet radio, have you tried Jango? It takes a while to build up your artists (especially if you are trying to do it at work), but I finally have something to listen to that I don’t get bored with.

  • 2. seandemery  |  June 13, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    Yeah, I have a Jango account. Like Pandora it’s nice but I have a few problems with it as I do most of the internet technologies out there.
    1) The mix of ubiquitous tracks per artist to great (gonna love them eventually) tracks are out of proportion.
    2) Not that I’m in love with DJs… but I miss someone who knows a lot about the music telling me why some artist is so great or why I should listen to a particular track. this may be a confusing premise for a lot of people because there are so few DJs who a genuine enough or are able to do it competently . But when it’s done right it makes all the difference in your listening experience.
    3) I miss what a good station brings to the table with a sense of community. What shows are coming up, events, neighborhood happenings.
    4) The massive spaces between songs drives me a bit crazy. i love the sound of different tracks mixed together… it’s an art when done right.
    Other than that… yeah, it’s not bad. LOL

  • 3. sirby  |  July 13, 2008 at 11:57 am

    I am with you Sean. I began listening to you back when 99x first started and got a list from you February of last year detailing the stations top songs for every year 1993 – 1999. While I still really appreciate that I have now found myself bored listening to that music over and over and over. I still try to find new music and there are alot of bands that I do like since that time perioud but they are few and far between. Should you find some new bands you’d like to share I am all ears. Right now I’m listening to The Duke Spirit. Not bad but not jaw dropping. Seems that most music I hear now doesn’t have the emotion it used to. It’s alot of prepackaged copycat stuff at this point.

    Hope things are going well with whatever you are up to these days.

    – Stephen


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