OK, so we’ve all fooled around with the likes of and Pandora.  Both are music genome projects where you enter in the the artist or song you like into one of these sites and the site finds other tracks that sound like the artist or song for you.  Cool enough although I have to admit that it now bores me to tears.


Now this one is really neat.  Now you can create your perfect music community to your exact specifications.  With you pick the exact songs you want (up to three per artists) and propagate your play list with those exact songs!  The only catch is that for licensing reasons (their music licensing… not yours) you have to pick more that 45 songs per play list.  44 songs won’t do it and the site won’t function for you.  But if you can come up with at least 45 songs you’ll get a playlist that you can hear on shuffle again and again.  Best yet you can share it with your friends, peers or some schmo you met on MySpace.

So knock yourself out!  (that was a figure of speech… cha.)


Oh yeah.  If you’re so inclined heck out the play list I created.  This is relatively new stuff I like.


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